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The Raw Material Of Andrographis Paniculata Extract
- Jul 27, 2021 -

The raw material used in our Andrographis paniculata extract is medicinal Andrographis paniculata, and we have our own specialized raw material cultivation base. Another is the vegetable Andrographis, there is a certain difference between the two, today we will show you the difference between the two.

Vegetable Andrographis paniculata aptenia cordifolia by Botanical Cube Inc.medicinal Andrographis paniculata by Botanical Cube Inc.

1. Different uses

The vegetable version of Andrographis paniculata is a kind of vegetable called aptenia cordifolia, which is edible.The medicinal Andrographis cannot be eaten.

2. Different shapes

The leaves of the vegetable Andrographis paniculata are large, thick, and juicy, and they are mainly eaten. It is rich in vitamin C and has a good health effect. Cold dressing and stir-frying are the two most suitable cooking methods.The Chinese medicine version of Andrographis paniculata is bitter and cold in nature, with thin, oblong ovoid to lanceolate leaves, and very thin rhizomes. The stems and leaves have a bitter taste, and the stems of Andrographis paniculata are mainly used as medicine.

3. Different parts of use

Vegetable Andrographis is mainly edible by its leaf parts.The traditional Chinese medicine Andrographis mainly uses the stem.

4. Different varieties

The "Andrographis paniculata" on the market is actually a plant called "aptenia cordifolia". The plant originated in southern Africa and belongs to the Amygdalaceae family and the genus Nitraria.The real "Andrographis paniculata" belongs to Acanthaceae, and the genus Andrographis, originated in South Asia, and is also cultivated in Fujian, Guangdong and other places in my country.

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