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The Relationship Between The Effective Ingredients Of Epimedium Extract
- Aug 09, 2021 -

Epimedium extract is our main star product. It is also a traditional Chinese medicine plant with a history of thousands of years and is loved by many Chinese medicine practitioners. It contains a wealth of effective ingredients, of which epimedium monoside is the main effective ingredient we extract, and it is currently the best used to cater to the market’s aphrodisiac function. However, some customers will also ask about other active ingredients, such as icariin and baohuoside. Today, I will explain the relationship between these active ingredients.

The relationship between the effective ingredients of Epimedium extract by Botanical Cube Inc.

From the above picture, we can clearly see the relationship between these kinds of active ingredients. We can provide these kinds of active ingredients. If you are interested in these kinds of active ingredients, please contact us.

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