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What Is The Best Epimedium?
- Jul 01, 2021 -

Have you heard the question about Epimedium Extract Five Finger Peak?Do you know how the five finger peaks of Epimedium extract are displayed in the atlas?Next, I will use the standard five-finger peaks detected from the raw material of Epimedium in Gansu to display.

What is the best Epimedium 1

We can see from the picture that the five finger peaks are Epimedin A1 Epimedin A Epimedin B Epimedin C Icariin.Some customers have requirements for these peaks, which is learned after accumulating experience.Although the flavonoids in Epimedium have a certain influence on its efficacy. But according to our current analysis, Epimedin A1 has little effect on its overall effect. Epimedium extract mainly represents active ingredient are icariin, icaritin, baohuoside I, Epimedin A, Epimedin B, and Epimedin C.Icaritin is hydrolyzed from icariin and is easily absorbed by the human body, and it is convenient for health products. Compared with icariin, icariin hasobvious advantages. The bioavailability of icariin is higher which is more conducive to the body's absorption.

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