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What Is The Difference Between Portulaca Extract And Fake Purslane Extract?
- Jul 06, 2021 -

Everyone has heard of these two products. Although there is only one word difference between the two products, they are different in many ways.Just like two twins, even if they look exactly the same, their personalities are different.Today we have summarized a few differences about them. If you want to continue to discuss this or if you are interested in ordering this product, we look forward to establishing contact with you.

The difference in appearance

The difference between portulaca and fake purslane is the shape and color of the corolla. The flower of portulaca is yellow, with 5 petals separated,the corolla of fake purslane is white to light pinkish purple, connate.So does the extract powder color is different too.

Fake purslane extract powder by Botanical Cube Inc.Portulaca extract powder by Botanical Cube Inc.

Different subjects

Fake purslane (Scientific name: Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst.) belong to Scrophulariaceae creeping herb.

Portulaca (scientific name: Portulaca oleracea L.) is an annual herb of the order Dianthus and Portulaca, and the whole plant is glabrous.

●Different application

Fake purslane extract : It has a beneficial effect on learning and memory, an anxiolytic effect, and can improve cognitive function and has a strong antidepressant effect.

Purslane extract : The flavonoids and saponins contained in the purslane have the effects of eliminating free radicals and anti-oxidation, which can delay skin aging.

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