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What Is The Difference Between Ecdysterone Extract And Turkesterone Extract?
- Jun 03, 2021 -

Some people are always unclear about the two active ingredients of tuxosterone and ecdysterone. Today I have briefly sorted out the difference between the two, which can help you understand the confusion.Our ecdysterone extract powderis extracted from Cyanotis Arachnoidea which also called Dewgrass.The main specification are 90%UV/50%HPLC/95%HPLC/98%HPLC.Our products can be assured in terms of status and quality. They have been tested by relevant authoritative organizations. If you have any requirements, please contact us.

What is the difference between ecdysterone extract and Turkesterone extract12What is the difference between ecdysterone extract and Turkesterone extract

NameCAS No.Molecular formulaSourceHarvest seasonApplication
Turkesterone41451-87-0C27H44O8Qizhou Leu LuMarch-SeptemberDetoxification
Ecdysone5289-74-7C27H44O7Mulberry LeafSeptember-OctoberPromote collagen synthesis
beta-ecdysoneDewgrassPromote cell growth
20-hydroxyecdysteroneSpinachSuppress blood sugar rise

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