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What Kind Of Substance Is Arbutin, Can It Really Be Used For Beauty?
- Apr 13, 2022 -

Whenever we walk into a daily chemical store or open a beauty shopping website, the words arbutin often appear in front of our eyes. Whether it is essence, mask, or lotion and cream, the word arbutin can often be seen on its packaging. What kind of substance is arbutin and how can it help us? Can arbutin really improve our skin?

Arbutin is a glycoside compound derived from the leaves of bearberry. For some arbutin-containing products in the market, arbutin can be obtained in three ways, extraction from plants, plant cell culture, and sugar transfer reaction with enzymes of different microorganisms.

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Main applications of Arbutin

1. The principle of arbutin used in cosmetics is that the formation of melanin in the human body is due to the action of tyrosine and tyrosinase. Arbutin can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase through its own combination with tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the accumulation of melanin in human skin, thereby whitening and lightening spots.

2. Arbutin can also be used in medicines. Some scald creams contain arbutin, mainly because arbutin can dilute scars. In addition, arbutin also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects to a certain extent. This allows the scalded skin tissue to heal quickly, and its pain can also be relieved to a certain extent.

Matters needing attention when Arbutin is used in cosmetics

1. After arbutin is absorbed by the human body, it will be easily hydrolyzed under acidic conditions into hydroquinone, which is harmful to the human body. According to relevant studies, about 75% of ursolic acid can be excreted within 24 hours after being taken by the human body, and the content of quinone in the urine increases significantly. Arbutin was found to be toxic to cells by exposing cells to high concentrations of arbutin solution.

2. The hydroquinone contained in the metabolite of arbutin may cause allergic symptoms such as skin peeling, itching, and even permanent skin damage in severe cases. Long-term use may affect the human immune system, liver, and kidney functions.

All in all, arbutin is good for our beauty, but we should choose it with qualified quality, otherwise, excessive Arbutin in unqualified products may increase its toxicity, thus endangering our health. Our Arbutin powder is extracted from bearberry leaf which is natural and healthy, if you are interested welcome to find us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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