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Why Do We Need Water-soluble Magnolia Bark Extract?
- Dec 23, 2021 -

Background knowledge of water-soluble Magnolia Bark extract

With the research progress of cell biology and molecular biology, new tumor treatment approaches and targets are constantly being discovered, and new therapeutic drugs are also being developed one after another. The active ingredients of natural magnolia bark extract exert their unique advantages in the prevention and treatment of tumors due to its natural nature, low toxicity, and side effects that can improve the body's immunity, and is not easy to produce drug resistance.

The importance of water-soluble Magnolia Bark extract

Honokiol is one of the main active ingredients of Magnolia Bark Extract, a unique Chinese medicine in China. It has many biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-anxiety, depression, and antioxidant activities. In addition, in recent years, there have been many studies that found that honokiol has a good curative effect on a variety of cancers such as liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and glioma, indicating that it has certain applications and development value in anti-tumor.

Reasons for the development of water-soluble Magnolia Bark extract

However, honokiol, as a low-solubility and high-permeability drug, has low solubility in water, which severely limits its absorption and utilization in the body and makes it unable to function normally. Therefore, improving the solubility of honokiol in water and increasing its oral absorption has a certain significance for its application and development in anti-tumor. Moreover, the form of drug preparations is different, and its anti-tumor molecular mechanism may also have some significant differences.

◆The benefits of choosing Botanical Cube's water-soluble magnolia bark extract

We have been focusing on Magnolia Bark Extract for more than 10 years, and we are one of the earliest companies that produced Magnolia Bark Extract with an annual output of about 30 tons. The Magnolia Bark Extract series products have been widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health care industries. For scientific research and education, food industry, daily chemical industry, etc., the specifications can be selected from 98%-2%, and the characteristics are powder, oil, diversified products, strong professionalism and plasticity, low price, and better quality than peers.

NameMagnolia Bark ExtractSpecification2% 5%
Extraction PartMagnolia bark, Root bark, Branch barkTest MethodHPLC
Production ProcessSupercritical CO2 ExtractionActive IngredientHonokiol, Magnolol
ColorOff-White Fine Powder
Security LevelMedicinal Grade
Solubility99% Water SolubleProduct Packaging1kg、5kg、10kg、25kg

Honokiol 2%Dissolving effectMagnolol 5%
Honokiol 5%Dissolving EffectMagnolol 2%

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