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Differences in Chlorogenic Acid Composition in Different Plant Sources
- Jan 12, 2022 -

Brief introduction of chlorogenic acid from common sources

1. Chlorogenic acid is a phenylpropanoid compound produced by the shikimic acid pathway during aerobic respiration in plants. It mainly exists in the genus of honeysuckle, the genus of Asteraceae, and the genus of Eucommia, and there are not many plants with high content.

2. Mainly include Eucommia (up to 5% in bark), honeysuckle (up to 5% in flowers), stevia (up to 3% in the whole plant), and coffee (up to 7% in green coffee beans).

Eucommia bark honeysuckle flower Stevia Green coffee bean
Eucommia BarkHoneysuckleSteviaGreen Coffee Bean

The proportion of different chlorogenic acids in Stevia

1. Different varieties will have a greater impact on chlorogenic acids in stevia leaves, and the types and contents of chlorogenic acids will be affected by variety differences. The chlorogenic acids in stevia are mainly chlorogenic acid, neochlorogenic acid, cryptochlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic acid B, isochlorogenic acid A, and isochlorogenic acid C.

2. Among them, isochlorogenic acid A accounted for the highest proportion at 42.7%, followed by neochlorogenic acid and isochlorogenic acid C, accounting for 24.7% and 22.6%, respectively.


Contents of chlorogenic acid species in Eucommia Ulmoides

Eucommia chlorogenic acid is mainly 5-CQA (neochlorogenic acid, 5.281min, 56.0%), caffeic acid (5.871min, 17.5%), 3,5-diCQA (isochlorogenic acid A, 11.656, 10.6%), of which The content of caffeic acid was significantly higher than other samples.

Eucommia Ulmoides DATA 1

Contents of Chlorogenic Acid Species in Honeysuckle

The chlorogenic acid in honeysuckle is mainly 5-CQA (neochlorogenic acid, 5.317min, 55.0%); 3,5-diCQA (isochlorogenic acid A, 11.689min, 34.0%), according to the proportion of each component From the perspective of honeysuckle, the proportion of the sum of neochlorogenic acid and isochlorogenic acid in honeysuckle is the highest, and the content of other components is at a low level.

Honeysuckle data

Content of chlorogenic acid species in Green Coffee Beans

The main types of chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans are 5-CQA (neochlorogenic acid, 5.178min, 61.6%), which accounts for the highest proportion, and the proportion of 4-CQA (cryptochlorogenic acid, 5.371min, 8.5%) is also significantly higher than that of green coffee beans. other samples.

Green Coffee Beans data

These four sources comparison data

Although different plants also contain chlorogenic acids and the content is high, the proportion of specific components is significantly different, mainly reflected in neochlorogenic acid and isochlorogenic acid. The content of isochlorogenic acid in the Stevia ratio is higher than that of other plants, while the proportion of neochlorogenic acid is significantly lower than that of other plants.

These four sources comparison data 1

These four sources comparison data 2

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