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Why Ecdysterone Powder Are So Pupular ?
- Aug 26, 2021 -

1.Why ecdysterone powder is hot now

Ecdysterone is our recent traffic star, and its popularity can be seen through the recent traffic search popularity of Google Trends Search. So what makes it so hot?For people's desire to have strong muscles and elastic skin, the development of ecdysterone in the market has also been accelerated. what makes it so hot?Ecdysterone exists in a variety of raw materials. The three common sources on the market are dew grass, deer root, and spinach. We generally use dew grass source. This raw material was first used by people and the time of research and development It is also slightly longer, which is relatively stable and safer than other raw materials.The reason introduced today is mainly about the source of dew grass.

Google trend about ecdysterone 1

2.Dew grass is a seasonal raw material

The raw material of dew grass is a seasonal raw material. If the season of raw material production does not correspond to the season of customer market demand, the current hot situation will appear.The environment where the raw material of dew grass is required is a place where the altitude is greater than 1100-2700 meters and is moist and shady. However, this environment is not suitable for seedling cultivation. Therefore, seedlings are generally grown at the bottom of the mountain peak, and then transplanted to the mountain again when the seedlings grow out.

Dew grass raw material for seedlings under the mountainDewy grass seedlings ready for transplanting

3.Market demand time with dew grass harvest time

August-September is the season for flowering and seed harvesting, and October-November is the season for digging the roots. The parts we extract and use are the roots. The excavated roots need to be rinsed to clean the soil and processed directly, or they can be processed after they are dried in the sun. The raw materials will be harvested from February to March, and April to June is the time when ecdysterone is mainly needed in the market.Like the current August, there is still market demand, but the harvested raw materials are limited, only in Yunnan, China, so it will lead to out of stock. Due to the instability of raw materials, the price will also be unstable, just like the current situation.

Dew grass that blooms and harvests seedsDug up the roots of fresh dewy grass

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