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As Natural Cosmetic-grade Material, How Does Cnidium Extract Play Its Role?
- Feb 02, 2021 -

What the active ingredients in Cnidium monnieri?

Osthole is a cosmetic plant raw material extracted from of Cnidium seed. Also osthole is the main active ingredient of Cnidium, which is mainly used in cosmetics and women's care products, and is widely sought after in the field of cosmetics.

Name: Cnidium extract

Active ingredient: Osthole 98%

CAS: 484-12-8

EINECS No.: 610-421-7

Molecular formula: C15H16O3

Molecular weight: 244.29g/mol

In the cosmetics industry, Cnidium has the following functions

Anti-allergic: Cnidium monnieri can play a role in allergic symptoms, such as eczema, prurigo, and urticaria. In addition to its anti-allergic effect, Cnidium cnidium has the effect of relaxing smooth muscle spasm, so it can also relieve allergic asthma.

Anti-inflammatory: Osthole has an inhibitory effect on the inflammatory response in the body due to its nature, and can effectively control inflammation and reduce inflammation of the skin.

Antifungal effect: Osthol in vitro test has strong activity against Trichophyton mentagrophytes and has obvious antifungal effect.

Anti-acne: Because Osthole has obvious antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, adding it to cosmetics can maintain the skin condition and make the skin resistant to acne.

Anti-allergicAntifungal effect

Recommended dosage

Cnidium 98% osthole, recommended dose in cosmetics is 0.5%-1.0%

About the safety of Osthole

The plant raw materials listed in the "List of Used Cosmetic Ingredients" approved by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China in 2001 contained Cnidium monnieri extract, and there were no reports of unsafe external use.

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