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What Are The Factors That Affect The Purity Of Chlorogenic Acid Extract Form Honeysuckle?
- Jan 13, 2022 -

Background introduction of honeysuckle source chlorogenic acid

Honeysuckle is a heat-clearing and detoxifying medicinal material commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. During the treatment of COVID-19, most of the published TCM treatment prescriptions were formulated with traditional Chinese medicines for clearing heat and detoxification. According to clinical efficacy observation, the total effective rate of traditional Chinese medicine has reached more than 90%.

Honeysuckle flowerHoneysuckle shavingsShopworn honeysuckleLoniceraFermenting lonicera
Honeysuckle FlowerHoneysuckle ShavingsShopworn HoneysuckleLoniceraFermenting Lonicera

Factor A. Different varieties and treatments

1. Select different Chinese medicinal materials related to honeysuckle and fermented medicinal materials for 2 hours, a total of 3 times, and combine the medicinal liquids extracted from the 3 times. Detect the content of chlorogenic acid in the liquid.

2. As a result, the pH value of the medicinal liquid extracted and concentrated with fermented honeysuckle was significantly lower than that of the medicinal liquid extracted and concentrated with other medicinal materials. The chlorogenic acid content of the medicinal liquid was in the following order: fermented honeysuckle > Shan Yinhua > Honeysuckle > Yinhua Mo > Chen Yinhua.

3. The research results revealed that fermented microorganisms played a certain role in the extraction of the effective components of Chinese herbal medicines in the process of growth and reproduction.

HPLC sample atlasc 1HPLC sample atlasc 2HPLC sample atlasc 3

Factor B.Natural geographical environment climate

The content of chlorogenic acid in honeysuckle has a very significant positive correlation with the sunshine hours, that is, with the increase of sunshine hours, the content of chlorogenic acid increases. While the correlation between the content of chlorogenic acid and temperature does not reach a significant level, The content is not significantly affected by temperature.

Factor C.Time of harvest

The content of chlorogenic acid in honeysuckle has a certain relationship with the harvest month. The honeysuckle harvested in September and October had the highest content of chlorogenic acid. It is recommended to pick the honeysuckle in the second white period before 7:00 and use the greening and drying method.

Factor D.Different parts of honeysuckle

The contents of chlorogenic acid in honeysuckle and its leaves were 2.72% and 2.30%, respectively; the contents of total flavonoids in honeysuckle and its leaves were 6.46% and 7.85%, respectively. The chlorogenic acid content in the leaves of honeysuckle from the same plant was slightly lower than that in the flower, and the total flavonoids in the leaf were significantly higher than that in the flower.

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