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Do You Know How To Identify The Authenticity Of The Raw Materials Of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae Extract?
- Feb 26, 2022 -

1. Reasons for the increased demand for Semen Ziziphus Spinosa

With the acceleration of the social rhythm, people's work pressure is gradually increasing, and being able to rest well has become a luxury, so it has also increased the demand for health care products that soothe the nerves and help sleep. Semen Ziziphus Spinosa is traditional Chinese medicine, its main conditioning function is to soothe the nerves and help sleep. However, some health products of jujube seeds failed to exert their effect may be because you are using fake sour jujube seeds, so how to distinguish the real and fake jujube seeds?

True  jujube seedFales jujube seed (lizaoren)Fales jujube seed (citrus seeds)
True jujube seedFales jujube seed (lizaoren)Fales jujube seed (citrus seeds)

2. The method of identifying the true and false jujube seeds

(1)Due to the influence of weather and climate, jujube seeds are seasoned throughout the year, and generally mature in late autumn, which greatly limits the output of jujube seeds, so the price of jujube seeds is getting higher and higher, and there are many in the market unscrupulous merchants sell lizaoren and citrus seeds instead of jujube seeds, so you must carefully identify jujube seeds before buying.

(2)Generally, the shape of authentic sour jujube kernels is flat round or flat oval, the length and width are about 5 to 9 mm, the thickness is 3 mm, and the color is mainly purple and purple-brown. Comes up smooth and shiny. Moreover, the authentic jujube seed coat is brittle and very easy to break. After breaking the seed coat, it can be seen from the endosperm that its color is white, and the taste is relatively light.

(3)The fake and inferior jujube seeds are generally small in size, their thickness is much less than three millimeters, and the surface color is also many, most of which are brown-black, green-brown, or brown-red, and the inferior jujube seed coat is very hard, and the endosperm is very hard. The taste is slightly astringent. If you eat this kind of jujube kernel, then you can definitely confirm that it is counterfeit. Its medicinal value is nothing, and the price is relatively cheap compared to authentic ones. many.

semen ziziphi spinosae extract powder by Botanical Cube Inc.semen ziziphi spinosae extract powder put on the paper by Botanical Cube Inc.semen ziziphi spinosae extract powder dissolve effect

3. Why Botanical Cube's Semen Ziziphus Spinosa powder

The raw materials used in our jujube seed extract are planting bases that cooperate with farmers. The raw materials are stable and the farmers have rich planting experience, which lays the foundation for our high-quality jujube seed extract powder. So please don't easily believe in cheap products, look at the value of the raw materials of the product, otherwise, it will not only not work but also waste your money. If you are interested welcome to contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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