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Do You Know The Difference Between Koji Acid Dipalmitate And Koji Acid?
- Apr 08, 2022 -

The difference in efficacy between Kojic acid dipalmitate and Kojic acid

1. Kojic acid is a whitening ingredient. Kojic acid dipalmitate is a derivative of kojic acid formed by combining 2 molecules of linolenic acid.

2. Kojic acid dipalmitate maintains the effect of kojic acid in inhibiting tyrosinase activity and blocking the formation of skin melanin. At the same time, it has a certain absorption effect on ultraviolet rays and has the double whitening effect of kojic acid and linolenic acid. Whitening effect better. Moreover, it overcomes the instability of kojic acid to light, heat, and metal ions, and has stronger stability than kojic acid.

Difference in the efficacy between Koji Acid Dipalmitate and Koji Acid

The difference in physical properties between Kojic acid dipalmitate and Kojic acid

1. Kojic acid dipalmitate: Easily soluble in oil phase substances, light, and thermal stability is better than kojic acid.

2. Kojic acid: Soluble in water, alcohol, acetone, slightly soluble in ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform, and pyridine, insoluble in benzene.

FunctionMechanism of actionEfficacyStabilitySafety
Kojic acidWhitening and antibacterial++++++++++++++++
Kojic acid dipalmitateWhitening and moisturizing++++++++++++++++++++

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