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Ecdysterone in Spinach Extract
- Aug 19, 2021 -

Everyone is familiar with Popeye. It is a childhood memory of many people. The most impressive thing in cartoons is that they become vigorous after eating spinach.A study by the University of Berlin in Germany revealed that ecdysterone contained in spinach can enhance the physical fitness of athletes under test.

What are the ingredients in spinach ?

Spinach is a green vegetable originating in Persia and introduced to China for cultivation during the Tang Dynasty.Spinach is rich in nutrients, such as cellulose, vitamins C and E, folic acid, and a high content of magnesium, which is beneficial to human health. In 1982, scientists discovered that Ecdysterone contained in spinach can help people become more vigorous.

What ecdysterone can do for spinach?

The ecdysterones in spinach will be released into the soil, which will affect the growth of other plants, but it can protect spinach from invertebrate insects and soil nematodes.

What can ecdysterone in spinach do for human ?

Its effects are mainly manifested in increasing the synthesis of muscle fibers, reducing body fat, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, positively regulating immunity and protecting the nervous system.Some people with high muscle consumption, metabolic diseases, weakness and feeling tired can get energy by supplementing appropriate ecdysterone.The principle of action of ecdysterone is that its structure is similar to that of androgens. After ingested by mammals, it has an effect similar to that of anabolic hormones, but at the same time, it has no androgenic activity. Therefore, it is safer than anabolic androgens and is considered to be anabolic. A good alternative to steroids.

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Ecdysterone in spinach extract by Botanical Cube Inc.Ecdysterone in spinach extract by Botanical Cube IncPopeye

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