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Do You Know Imperatorin Powder ?
- Aug 13, 2021 -

The imperatorin we extract is derived from Angelica dahurica. Angelica dahurica, also known as Sichuan Angelica dahurica, is aromatic and belongs to a perennial herb. It has high medicinal value and is a common Chinese herbal medicine. Its outer skin is yellowish brown or brown. The smell is relatively strong. They are mostly distributed in valleys and streams or under woods in North China, Northeast my country and other regions. It can disperse wind and dehumidify, relieve pain, relieve swelling and drain pus. Used for colds, headaches, brow pain, nasal congestion, nasal cavity, toothache, leucorrhea, sores, swelling and pain.

In the market, you can rarely find a supplier that can provide large-scale goods. Most of the expensive standard products you find are based on grams or milligrams to calculate the price. Our customer base is mainly for some formulations that use ointments and medicinal powders, which are mainly used for antibacterial and sterilization. The purity is generally 98%. The number of purchases is not very large. It depends on the customer's finished product market. The annual purchase volume is Below 100kg.

Next, I will show you the finished product made by the customer. The finished product is also compounded with other plant extracts, such as puerarin 98%. If you are interested in this, you are welcome to discuss it with us.

Finished product by imperatorin powder of our customer by Botanical Cube Inc.Finished product by imperatorin powder of our customer by Botanical Cube Inc

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