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Have You Heard Of The Antioxidant Fisetin, Which May Be Good For The Brain And Memory?
- May 06, 2022 -

What is fisetin?

Fisetin is one of the most studied flavonoids. In theory, fisetin is a flavonol molecule, insoluble in water, carbon tetrachloride, and petroleum ether, and easily soluble in acetone, acetic acid, and other solvents. Similar to flavonols in dark chocolate and cocoa, it was first isolated and extracted from sumac in 1833. Trace amounts of fisetin can also be found in certain fruits and vegetables.

Fisetin health benefits for the brain

1. The role of fisetin as a neurotrophic factor. It supports the survival, differentiation, and functional maintenance of brain cells. Plays a role in optimizing "brain plasticity".

2. Brain plasticity refers to the ability of the brain to respond to developing new or restoring old brain circuits. Fisetin can produce optimization of brain circuits and brain signaling pathways related to long-term memory function.

3. Of all the flavonoids tested in animal models of age-related brain changes, only fisetin, and a related trace flavonol were shown to be effective.

98% Fisetin powderCotinus Extract powder raw material smoke tree leavesraw material transportation for fisetin powder extraction

How does fisetin work?

1. As a flavonoid, fisetin has inherent antioxidant properties. Even in the case of oxidative stress, fisetin can maintain mitochondrial function well, and even very fragile neuron cells can be well protected.

2. Fisetin crosses the blood-brain barrier and produces its effects as a nootropic and neurotrophic agent through a very complex set of mechanisms. It is a powerful anti-aging agent that helps the body and brain get rid of old cells, creating a "pruning" effect that allows healthy cells to flourish or replace old cells.

3. Fisetin enhances the production of glutathione, a key antioxidant, and detoxifier in our cells. Optimizing glutathione levels in the brain yields various benefits, as the brain is better able to protect itself from damage and has higher cellular energy levels.

4. Fisetin helps brain cells produce proteins that are critical to brain cell structure and function, particularly at the communication nodes between cells called synapses. It also reduces various inflammatory responses within synaptic connections.

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