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Why Choose Black Pepper As Raw Material For Piperine Extraction?
- Apr 22, 2022 -

The content of piperine in black pepper is high

1. Black pepper is picked when it is immature and has a strong spiciness. White pepper is picked when it is ripe, and the spiciness is not so strong. The main factor that affects the spiciness is the active ingredient piperine, which we can distinguish from the taste and aroma.

2. In addition, we also tested the data of piperine among the two raw materials. The piperine of black pepper can reach more than 3%, and the piperine of white pepper is about 2%.

White pepper costs more than black pepper

White pepper is harvested after maturity and undergoes a series of complex processing to obtain our common white pepper, which increases its added value and increases the cost of raw materials. The increase in the cost of raw materials will increase our expenditure on the extraction process so that the price of the final piperine powder is higher than the market price. This product is not suitable for most customer groups and will affect the final sales volume.

The application of black pepper is more in line with the market situation

The main application of piperine powder currently on the market is to improve its bioavailability by compounding with other products. The later post-harvest processing of white pepper can affect the stability of some of these components by reducing the efficacy of the main application on the market. Compared with black pepper, its harvesting process and processing process can better maintain the active ingredients of product raw materials.

The above is the main reason why piperine powder uses black pepper as the raw material for extraction. If there is something wrong, please discuss it. Black pepper extract is one of our star products. We have more than 10 years of production experience. No matter product quality, product stability, and product price, we can guarantee you. If you are interested, please contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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