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Do You Know The Anti-aging Substance Fisetin?
- May 10, 2022 -

Relevant studies have shown that fisetin has the best effect in removing senescent cells among 10 flavonoids, and its effect exceeds that of resveratrol, curcumin, and catechin, so it has become the focus of scientists' research.

Basic information about fisetin

Fisetin is a natural flavonoid that can be used as a polymer pharmaceutical raw material. Its appearance is yellow to brown crystalline powder, soluble in ethanol, acetone, and acetic acid. Almost insoluble in water, ether, benzene, chloroform, and petroleum ether. The main source of extraction is the leaves or branches of the natural Sumac tree.

10% Fisetin Powder98% Fisetin Powderaging process
10% Fisetin Powder98% Fisetin PowderAging Process

Reasons why fisetin can be anti-aging

1. Fisetin exerts its strong anti-aging ability mainly relying on two points, one is as a caloric restriction simulant, and the other is as a senolytics substance. Besides, it has direct antioxidant activity and increases the level of glutathione, the main antioxidant in cells. Even under oxidative stress, fisetin maintains mitochondrial function well, and even very fragile neuronal cells are well protected.

2. Senolytics refers to the targeted elimination of senescent cells. With the increase of human age, senescent cells will continue to accumulate and secrete a large amount of SASP (senescence-associated secretory phenotype), which promotes the aging of surrounding normal cells, thereby accelerating the aging of the body. Unlike other caloric restriction mimics, fisetin is tissue-specific and is more effective in promoting autophagy in brain cells.

3. As a natural senolytics substance, fisetin has demonstrated its efficacy and safety in mouse models and human tissues. In clinical terms, fisetin is currently mainly used for arthritis, osteoporosis, new coronary pneumonia, and other indications, and its clinical progress is mostly concentrated in the second phase, and most clinical results are expected to be available soon.

In fact, our body is very deficient in fisetin, and we can only ingest about 0.4mg from our daily diet. In order to provide benefits to our body, the recommended daily dose of fisetin is around 100mg, which is far from the difference. Therefore, it is very necessary to supplement according to this dose.

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