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The Research And Development Of Epimedium Extract
- Apr 20, 2022 -

The research survey of epimedium with icariins

1. Recently, some customers have proposed the concept of 'icariins'. From our customer's feedback that this product has the same effect as epimedium, and the price is more favorable than icariin with the same purity. We have made surveys about 'icariins' before.

2. We have collected samples from some suppliers in the market and sent them to our laboratory for testing. According to the calculation method provided by the supplier, as well as the method recorded in the pharmacopeia, and the calculation method formed by the industry market, The detection calculation was carried out separately.

3. The test results show that the purity stated by most of the suppliers is in line with the calculation method of the pharmacopeia, and the result of this calculation method will be higher. In view of the increasing recognition of this product by customers in the market, we intend to explore this new area. So we set up a product project team.

Icariins project personnel 1Icariins project personnel 2Icariins project personnel 3

The project of icariins is been established

1. The project team of 'icariins' was established in November 2021. Because the raw material of Epimedium at this time is the best harvest season, the project limited time is 3 months. The team consists of 3 people, and one of them is responsible for finding raw materials for Epimedium. , 1 R&D personnel is responsible for the main technical problems, and 1 testing personnel is responsible for assisting in testing. There is very few personnel, and they are all key personnel in every department.

2. The main link between the product is the raw material and the process. They are working slowly around these two points. After many times of searching for raw materials and trying new raw materials to extract many times, they found that the cost has always been high. During the project activities, we encountered the impact of the new crown epidemic, our city was closed, the project was stranded, and it was not completed in the end.

3. But they did not give up and restarted the project in March 2022. After a month of hard work, the project has progressed and completed the first phase, looking forward to the success of the second and third phases. Our company does not have much staff, we have all the necessary departmental structures, and everyone takes their work seriously. We believe that we will become bigger and better.

Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

Epimedium extract is using the leaves of traditional Chinese herbal medicine Epimedium as the extraction raw material to extract the active ingredients flavonoids, among which icariin is one of the most familiar monomeric components of Epimedium flavonoids. We know that it has the potential for clinical application in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, improves the sperm density and activity rate of males, and has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

Epimedium extract is a product we have always made. The market competition for this product is relatively large, and the quality of the product is also uneven, but we have been optimizing the production process, striving to reduce costs, and providing customers with high-quality and low-cost products. If you are interested in this, please contact us at sales@botanicalcube.co

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