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What Are The Health Benefits Of Epimedium?
- May 26, 2021 -

Epimedium extract is one of our main products. The conventional hot-selling specifications are 10%, 20%, 98%. There are many benefits of epimedium. Today I will quote an epimedium treatment story to introduce the benefits of epimedium around invigorating yang.

During the period when Liu Zongyuan, a famous writer in Tang Dynasty, was demoted to Yongzhou, Hunan, poor living conditions made Liu Zongyuan's legs weak. At that time, a healer pointed out that there is a herbal medicine that can cure his leg disease. According to the doctor's enjoin, Liu Zongyuan found this herbal medicine, planted it himself, picked and processed it, and took it on time. As a result, his leg disease was cured.

What are the health benefits of epimedium Blog of Botanical Cube Inc.What are the health benefits of epimedium Blog of Botanical Cube Inc(1).

This herbal medicine is Epimedium. It can treat symptoms such as weakness of lower limbs and difficulty in walking caused by kidney-yang deficiency. In addition, it has a good effect on symptoms such as cough and asthma caused by kidney deficiency. The main ingredient is icariin, which is also the main ingredient we extract. If you are interested or want to know more, please contact us.

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