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Does Ecdysterone Really Work?
- May 25, 2021 -

Our main product Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract Powder, with the active ingredient ecdysone, most of the customers will apply it to sericulture. Here we have collected some customer experiences to share with you.

1. Add time

For spring silkworms and mid-late autumn silkworms, about 5% of the maturity of the silkworms is used as the standard. That is to say, the silkworms were fed with ecdysone the night before, and 8-12h after feeding, the silkworms mature in large numbers, which can shorten the age by about half a day.

2. Dosage

After the silkworms are near grown up, it is advisable to add 2 micrograms per silkworm, that is, 45 mg per seed. Each batch of silkworms can only be used once, not excessive.

Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract Powder by Botanical Cube Inc.Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract Powder by Botanical Cube Inc.(1)

3. How to use

Prepare mulberry leaves and medicines according to the amount of silkworm eggs raised. For the ecdysone currently used in production, use 1 bottle of 45 mg ecdysone per silkworm with 2.5 kg of cold boiled water, stir thoroughly, and spray evenly on 20 kg of mulberry leaves, turning while spraying , so that each piece of mulberry leaves with the liquid medicine, dry a little after spraying, feed the silkworms, let the silkworms eat all at once. When dispensing medicine, pay attention to the cleanness of utensils and water, and use them now. If the feeding temperature is lower than 21℃ after medicine, try to warm it up.

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