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What Is A Good Natural Pesticide?
- Jul 13, 2021 -

There are many plants that can be used as plant-derived pesticides. Today we are only discussing Sophora flavescens extract and Cnidium monnieri extract. These two extracts have the same liquid extract specifications specifically for plant natural pesticides, so what are the specific differences between them. Combining some of our experience in communicating with customers, I summarized and shared with you. If you are interested in these two products, you are welcome to contact us.

Difference in antibacterial activity

The antibacterial activity of Cnidium monnieri extract was slightly stronger than that of Sophora flavescens extract. The antibacterial activity when used alone is about 5% of antibiotics.The antibacterial activity of Sophora flavescens alone is about 2%-3% of that of antibiotics.

Through some of our experimental results in fact, the combined use of the two will have a better effect, and the antibacterial activity is about 75% of that of antibiotics.

Difference in using

1.The total alkaloids of matrine are more polar, soluble in water, and suitable for the preparation of some liquid products.

2.Osthole has low polarity and poor water solubility, but it is easily soluble in some solvents with low polarity, and is suitable for preparing some products such as emulsifiable concentrates.

Osthole 10%Matrine 20%

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