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Why Become Partners With Customers?
- Oct 08, 2021 -

When you are cultivating customers, whether you are a high-profit short-term business or a low-profit long-term business, or a business that takes care of each other. I think the first two are most of the cooperation methods. Sometimes they will cause some problems more or less. The most serious is the loss of a good customer. To get a high-quality customer requires not only a good product but also a good idea that is to be a partner with the customer and take care of each other in order to embark on a longer path. If you are interested in this product you can click the yellow text area to get more information.

1Our customer feedback of ginger extract by Botanical Cube Inc.Ginger oil extract by Botanical Cube Inc 2

What our customers need is a ginger extract that can be used for shampoo and hair care. What we finally provide to customers is the ginger oil extract on the right. During the communication period, we tried to send a variety of samples to customers for experiments. Customers will tell us the deficiencies and needs of the experiment every time, and our sales staff will communicate with our technology. Each sample sent is sent to the customer free of charge within a reasonable range. In this way, this new product of ours was derived, and the results of customer experiments are good. Good partners promote each other's progress, customers' products have been successful, and we have also developed new products, so the trust relationship between partners is very important.

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