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Why Can't You Eat NMN Raw Materials And Raw Powder?
- Mar 24, 2022 -

What is API?

1. Before analyzing the question of whether NMN raw materials can be eaten, it is necessary to first understand what is a raw material drug? The so-called API refers to the API used for the production of various preparations and is the active ingredient in the preparation.

2. APIs are prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction, or biotechnology, and their existing forms mainly include powder, crystal, and extract. Only when raw materials are processed into pharmaceutical preparations can they become medicines for clinical application.

Three processing techniques of NMN

1. Chemical synthesis: The method has a simple process and low cost. In China, it is generally not allowed to obtain purer food raw materials through chemical synthesis, so the chemical synthesis of NMN is not recommended.

2. Fermentation method: It is produced by microbial fermentation. This method has low efficiency and high cost, so it is not conducive to large-scale production in the market.

3. Bio-enzymatic catalysis: This method requires synthesis by specific engineered enzymes. Although the key catalytic enzymes necessary for the synthesis are expensive, this method is the safest and most efficient way to synthesize NMN

99% NMN powder (30mesh)1094-61-799% NMN powder (60mesh)
99% NMN powder (30mesh)CAS No 1094-61-799% NMN powder (60mesh)

Taking NMN raw materials, the effect cannot be optimal

1. From the point of view of pharmacokinetics, after oral administration of drugs, they enter different parts of the digestive tract, such as in the mouth, stomach, intestines, and finally into the blood. In order to release the drug slowly and protect the gastric mucosa, NMN is usually encapsulated in capsules.

2. NMN raw materials on the market usually exist in the form of raw powder, and the oral raw powder may not be accurately and quantitatively released in the corresponding position. Therefore, NMN can be made into a finished product to optimize the effect.

Inability to precisely control the dosage

1. On the market, the dosage forms of NMN are generally capsules or tablets, as well as powders and sublingual tablets. For some dosage forms such as powder, the user cannot precisely control the dosage when eating, which will inevitably lead to improper dosage.

2. The recommended dosage of NMN is between 250-500 mg, with a maximum of 1000 mg. At present, there is insufficient research on the clinical pharmacology and toxicology of NMN, so the dosage of NMN should be strictly controlled.

NMN products are easily oxidized, deteriorated, yellowed, and difficult to store

At present, the normal NMN is very high in purity, reaching more than 99%. However, if the purity of NMN is not high and it is doped with other impurities, these impurity components are particularly easy to be oxidized in the air, causing the entire NMN product to turn yellow, deteriorate, and lose its original effect.

The exposure of NMN raw materials is easy to be polluted by light or impurities in the air, microorganisms, heavy metals, etc., and it is easy to cause diseases. You can contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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