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Our Factory From The Customer's Perspective
- Apr 06, 2022 -

This is a record of our production park and production workshop from the customer's perspective. After this visit, the customer's evaluation of us is that the number of production workshops of some production-oriented enterprises inspected at present is not much, and we are one of them, mainly reflected in the floor of the workshop, the extraction machine, and the work clothes of the workers in the workshop. The raw material you have done well is an important factor affecting our finished products. It is also difficult for production enterprises to do this. I hope you keep it up.

The landscape outside the factory campusLandscape in the factory park
The scene in the production workshopProduction workshop warehouse
Overall landscape of workshop production areaExtraction tank workspace
Spray drying tower (above)Spray drying tower (below)
Microwave drying oven2D mixing tank

We are very glad to hear the evaluation of our customers. This customer is mainly in the field of health care products. The main order is our Epimedium Extract Powder. The quantity ranges from samples to small goods to the current fixed annual order. Step by step, we get the customer's Approved. We also hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you. If you are interested, you are welcome to consult us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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