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What Is The Difference Between Morinda Officinalis, Epimedium, And Rhizoma Curculiginis?
- Mar 23, 2022 -

Morinda Officinalis, Epimedium, and rhizoma curculiginis are Chinese traditional herbs for tonifying kidneys and yang, but their efficacy is different. Morinda Officinalis is slightly warm, sweet, and moist but not dry, suitable for protracted battles. Epimedium is warm and dry, although it is quick to see results, it is not suitable for people with yin deficiency and fire. Rhizoma curculiginis is poisonous and is suitable for kidney yang deficiency or cold dampness. If it does not change, the disease will stop immediately, and it is not advisable to take it for a long time or more.

epimedium plantMorinda Officinalis plantrhizoma curculiginis plant

The difference of Morinda Officinalis, Epimedium, and rhizoma curculiginis

1. In terms of efficacy, rhizoma curculiginis is to dispel cold and dampness, and the other two are to expel wind-dampness. Is there any difference? It turns out that rheumatism is erratic, and the pain of cold and dampness is basically in one place, and it is more severe in case of cold. So this tells us that when the patient's pain is fixed and the "bite pain" is aggravated by cold, it is more reliable for you to choose rhizoma curculiginis.

2. Epimedium is warm in nature, Morinda Officinalis is mild in nature. One is warm, the other is lukewarm, the former is naturally much stronger. Therefore, Epimedium treats "a deficiency of kidney yang", and Morinda Officinalis treats "insufficiency of kidney yang".

3. In other respects, Morinda Officinalis and Epimedium are similar in that they both treat impotence, nocturnal emission, weak muscles and bones, wind-cold-dampness, etc. Of course, rhizoma curculiginis also has this effect, but it is not suitable for long-term use because of its dryness and heat toxicity.

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