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Why Creatine Products Are So Popular Among Fitness Groups?
- Oct 29, 2021 -

▲What is creatine?

Creatine is a nitrogen-containing organic acid naturally present in vertebrates and can help provide energy for muscles and nerve cells. Creatine is composed of arginine, glycine, and methionine in the human body. About 95% of body creatine is stored in skeletal muscles, and a small amount is found in the brain and testes. We also consume creatine in our daily diet. Generally speaking, red meat and fish have higher creatine content.

▲What is the use of creatine, why do you need creatine for fitness?

1. Creatine actually has many effects. It can improve athletic performance, increase muscle latitude, and even relieve mental fatigue and improve cognitive function. The most important role of creatine is to increase the endurance of high-intensity training.

2. During our high-intensity exercise, this unstable high-energy compound is continuously hydrolyzed to release energy to supply us with energy. ATP will be quickly exhausted during high-intensity exercise and become ADP. At this time, using CP to supplement ADP can regain ATP and help our body supply energy. But the CP in our body is also limited, we need creatine to become CP through phosphorylation, and then synthesize ATP.

▲How much creatine do we need?

Studies have shown that through a normal diet, daily intake of 1-2g of creatine can reach 60%-80% of the saturation of creatine reserves. However, if you want to increase the body's creatine content and saturate your body's creatine reserves, you need every Supplement 5g or more of creatine daily.

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