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What Are Sugar Substitute Products?
- Oct 29, 2021 -

◆Do you have similar doubts about sugar substitute products like these?

1. Why do sugar substitutes have no calories?

The reason why sugar substitutes are sweet is that they can bind to the sweet taste receptors of our tongues and transmit signals to the brain, deceiving the brain into thinking that it has eaten sugar, thereby producing a sweet sensation. Some sugar substitutes are much sweeter than sucrose, which reduces the use and achieves a very low-calorie effect. There are also some sugar substitutes that cannot be absorbed by the body and are directly excreted from the body, so the calories are zero.

2. Will sugar substitutes raise blood sugar?

Some will raise blood sugar, and some will not affect blood sugar levels at all. But in general, the effect of sugar substitutes on blood sugar is usually much smaller than that of sucrose.

What are sugar substitute products by Botanical Cube Inc.

◆How many classifications of sugar substitutes?

Generally speaking, we can divide sugar substitutes into three categories: natural sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners.

1. Natural sweetener

Usually, there are plant and fruit names in the name. If sugar substitutes must be used, natural sweeteners are usually the healthiest choice. They are extracted from natural plants and are safer than artificial sweeteners.

2. Sugar alcohols

Its chemical structure is half like sugar and half like alcohol. Some sugar alcohols are natural, and some are processed from sugars. Sugar alcohol is like sugar. Some structures have changed, making it lower in calories than sugar, but the sweetness can be similar to sugar.

3. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are chemical substances with sweet taste through artificial chemical modification or synthesis. Their characteristics are: the sweetness is very very very high, usually hundreds or even thousands of tens of thousands of times that of the same amount of sucrose. And it has no calories and no nutritional value.

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