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Why We Accept Customer's Capsule Packaging Form?
- Sep 28, 2021 -

At present, we have received feedback from our customers, which is the best-selling product, Ecdysterone Powder extracted from Cyanotis Arachnoides which is used to increase muscle. A client is a group of professional fitness trainers who have tried many muscle-building products and finally decided to use ecdysterone as their own assistant to aid in muscle-building.

The screenshot of our customer about ecdysterone powder by Botanical Cube Inc.

Through customer feedback, we can find that the price of finished products on the market and the purity content of ecdysterone are low. If you want to have an effect, you must use enough amount, thus increasing the customer's budget. If a customer raises a problem, we will find a way to help the customer solve the problem. Even if the problem faced is a new problem, after collecting some relevant capsule information, including the precautions when filling the capsule, after a period of experimentation. In the end, a capsule shell made of plant origin and a bottle made of PET capsules were selected. Of course, customers have requirements for materials, which can be made according to customer requirements.

Finished capsule ecdysterone powder product by Botanical Cube Inc.Finished capsule ecdysterone powder product by Botanical Cube Inc

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