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Do You Know About Baohuoside I Powder?
- Jan 25, 2022 -

What is Baohuoside I powder?

Baohuoside I is a flavanoid isolated from the roots of Epimedium brevicornu Maxim. Baohuoside I is an inhibitor of cell growth and also is a down-regulator of durvivin and cyclin D1 expression. Its original product is converted from icariin, and the relationship between them can be seen through the following relationship diagram.

Epmedin CIcariinBaohuoside I
①Epimedin C hydrolyzes a rhamnose to icariin②Icariin hydrolyzes a rhamnose to Baohuoside I③Finally we get Baohuoside I

What can Baohuoside I do?

Baohuoside has a good inhibitory effect on a variety of cancer cells, so it has received more and more attention. For example, Baohuoside-I can inhibit the invasive ability of cervical cancer and breast cancer cells and can induce human non-small cell lung cancer. In addition, Baohuoside-Ⅰ has a good anti-esophageal cancer effect in vitro and in vivo. The highest purity Baohuoside I powder we can provide can reach greater than or equal to 98%.

What Baohuoside I powder we have?

The regular specification we can provide is 30% Baohuoside I powder, the color is brown-green fine powder, and the other is 98% Baohuoside I powder as shown in the video above. If you are interested in this product, you are welcome to contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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