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Do You Know The Difference Between Icariins And Icariin?
- Jan 29, 2022 -

The main active ingredients of Epimedium extract powder are flavonoids, of which we mainly extract icariin. In addition, with the derivation of market demand, we have heard the new concept of icariins. These two active ingredients are favored by consumers, so what is the difference between the two?

1. Differences in the mobile phase used

Icariins use methanol as the mobile phase, icariin uses acetonitrile as the mobile phase, and the reference substance is icariin. This is standard, but the use of methanol as the mobile phase for icariins detection has great interference, and the error exceeds the normal range. So we all use acetonitrile: water = 25: 75 as the mobile phase.

2. Different peaks displayed on the spectrum

According to the 5 peaks detected by HPLC of Epimedium extract (generally the fifth peak is icariin), we say icariin only calculate the area of one peak of icariin, and we say icariins is detected with the area of the peak adjacent to the icariin peak and the area of the two peaks of the icariin peak are used to distinguish them. The Epimedium map basically comes out with 5 finger peaks, and icariin is the 5th peak. Icariins are the sum of the 4th and 5th peaks.

Epimedium detection map

3. Differences in the degree of pharmacological activity

Comparing 10%icariin and 10% icariins, it is obvious that the content of icariins in the diglycosides is lower. Then, the content of total glycosides in monoglycosides should be higher than that in icariins, the pharmacological activities of similar substances are similar, so from the effect analysis, icariin should have higher activity than icariins because of its higher content of active ingredients.

Icariin powder by Botanical Cube Inc.Icariin powder by Botanical Cube Inc.2Icariins powder by Botanical Cube Inc.

The above are the main differences between the two. If you have other opinions, you are welcome to come and discuss them with us. If you have specific needs for icariin powder and icariins powder products, please contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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