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How To Improve The Water Solubility Of Fisetin?
- May 11, 2022 -

Flavonoids are an important class of natural organic compounds that widely exist in nature. Flavonoids are polyphenolic compounds whose core structure is 2-phenylchromone. The molecule usually contains multiple phenolic hydroxyl groups. Although the phenolic hydroxyl group is a hydrophilic group, the benzene ring in the molecule is a hydrophobic group. The two benzene rings of flavonoids determine their low solubility in water, which limits the application of flavonoids as oral preparations and injections.

Fisetin is a flavonoid, and fisetin is a flavonoid that is mainly found in the Anacardiaceae plant wood wax tree. Studies in recent years have shown that fisetin has various biological activities such as anti-oxidation, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular maintenance, anti-depression, liver protection, anti-tumor, and anti-aging, and has good application prospects in the fields of cosmetics, functional foods, and medicine, but its low solubility in water and poor stability limit its application range.

Fisetin10% powderCAS No 528-48-3Fisetin98% powder

Method for improving the water solubility of fisetin

1. The cyclodextrin inclusion method is adopted for fisetin to improve its water solubility, and the cost is also relatively low. The use of cyclodextrin is involved in various industries in our lives, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Cyclodextrins are cyclic oligosaccharides composed of multiple glucose residues linked by α-1,4 glycosidic bonds, with a hydrophobic cavity inside and a hydrophilic surface outside. This special structure enables cyclodextrin to include many hydrophobic small molecules and improve its water solubility.

2. The use of co-crystal technology for fisetin can improve its water solubility without changing its active ingredients. The principle is that the co-crystal former and the hydroxyl groups in flavonoids form a new crystalline form through hydrogen bonding, and the original lattice stacking and molecular arrangement have changed. This internal change allows water solubility to be improved.

The above method is the conclusion of our technical staff who consulted relevant information and consulted. If you really need water-soluble fisetin, you can come to contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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