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Magnolia Is Good For Our Skin
- Apr 01, 2021 -

Magnolia takes more than ten years to harvest the bark, and the content of the total phenol is 10-20%, most of which is more than 15%.Here, the ratio of total phenols = Honokiol + and most of the two monophenols is close to one to one.

Blog of Magnolia is good for our skin by Botanical Cube Inc(4)Blog of Magnolia is good for our skin by Botanical Cube Inc(3)

Most of the antimicrobial products that we have now have an effect on the gram-bacteria community.The advantage of the extract of Magnolia is its all-powerful antibacterial effect, which can inhibit almost common bacterial flora. However, it has limitations, such as solubility, irritation and price.Solubility, not water soluble, only suitable for cream, eye cream, market volume up to do eye cream has a lot of excitant, affect the use of the product, and even skin sensitive reaction, many current recommended 98% of the total phenol using magnolia bark, the reason is that the effect of two single phenol is almost the same, have a coordinating role, honokiol and honokiol in comparison, honokiol good point, low irritating.

Blog of Magnolia is good for our skin by Botanical Cube Inc.Blog of Magnolia is good for our skin by Botanical Cube Inc

To improve skin irritation, we need to inhibit histamine. Similarly, allergic reaction requires antihistamine (CK) and interleukin (IL) factors. To sum up, anti-sensitivity and anti-irritation means that we need to inhibit lymphocytes and interleukin by antihistamine and kininogenase.The anti-inflammatory effect of Magnolia officinalis extract is to inhibit one of the Magnolia officinalis and the main effect is basically antibacterial and anti-inflammatory,Natural ingredients have advantages in this respect. The barrier function of the skin is very important. In addition to choosing mild ingredients not to stimulate, we should also pay attention to avoiding excessive cleaning, doing a good job in sun protection, etc., to reduce the damage to the skin barrier.

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