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Our Plant Extract Powder Test Standared
- Jul 22, 2021 -

We have been discussing various knowledge points of plant extract powder products, but if the product wants to do well, it is inseparable from some hardware testing equipment. Today our theme is our testing equipment.

In our daily product testing, the purity of the effective ingredients of the product will be tested separately. A single active ingredient is usually detected by HPLC, and a variety of substances is usually detected by UV. In addition, GC detection methods are also used. We have no way to measure the effective ingredients of products or pure powders in normal proportions. Because there are many types, we will use TLC detection methods to detect the source of raw materials.The standards are based on the CP2015/ USP616 and GB standard.If you need a third-party testing agency, we can also help you send for inspection, and regular inspection agencies is eurofins.

In addition, the indicators we will detect are moisture, ash, bulk density, microorganisms, and heavy metals. These are routine test items. If you have more requirements for other indicators, you can send your requirements to us, and we will communicate with the tester to determine whether it can be added to our test items.

HPLC Test Equipment
GC Test EquipmentUV Test Equipment

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