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Soapnut Saponin Extract Reference Formulation For Lotion Products
- Feb 28, 2022 -

Soapnut saponin is the only plant recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica that is used for shampooing and washing the face. Sapindus japonica extract is easily degradable, has no harmful residue, is easy to rinse, has no peculiar smell, is less irritating to the skin, and can be used in skin cleansing cosmetics such as facial cleansers and shower gel.

1. Face wash recipe

Raw materialContent(%)Raw materialContent(%)
Sapindus saponin extract1.5Lanolin3.0
Isopropyl myristate2.0Palm kernel amide DEA2.5
Laureth-32.5PEG-150 Distearate1.8
Ammonium lauryl sulfate1.0Chlorphenesin0.25
Deionized wateradd to 100ml

2. Shampoo formula

Raw materialContent(%)Raw materialContent(%)
Sapindus saponin extract1.0Ammonium Laureth Sulfate5.0
Wateradd to 100mlAmmonium dodecyl sulfate8.0
Dodecyl betaine5.0Cocamide DEA3.0
Ethylene glycol distearate1.5Polyquaternium-100.3
Citric acid0.1Essence0.3

3. Advantage of our Soapnut saponin extract

Our powder has good water solubility, stable properties, low ash content, fewer impurities, and the residual heavy metal is less than 20ppm.

Only deionized water and edible alcohol are used in the production process to ensure product safety.

Our soapnut powder has been decolorized and has a light color, which is more suitable for cosmetics.

If you are interested welcome to find us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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