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Can Senna Leaf Extract Help Lose Weight?
- Feb 28, 2022 -

Senna leaf extract with sennosides is an essential active ingredient added to many weight loss products on the market. Many overweight people have long used this type of weight loss product as a necessary product for weight loss. However, long-term use of this type of weight loss product containing sennosides is the weight that is lost, but it is the body that is hurt!

What does senna leaf do?

Senna is not a weight-loss drug. In the classification of Chinese pharmacy, senna is a laxative and an attacking drug. Chinese medicine believes that senna leaves are sweet, bitter, and cold, and have the effect of diarrhea and stagnation. Small doses of senna have a laxative effect, while large doses have a subjugating effect.

Fresh senna leafSenna leaf lose weightDry senna leaf

Does senna leaf have any effect on weight loss?

1. Due to the laxative effect of senna leaf, the active ingredients of senna (anthraquinone derivatives, sennoside A, sennoside B, etc.) are absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and then decomposed in the liver, and the products can excite the nerves of the ossicles. It can shrink the large intestine and cause diarrhea, thereby promoting the excretion of triacylglycerol, fat, and cholesterol, and reducing the absorption of fat and cholesterol.

2. In addition, small doses of senna can also increase the propulsion of the large intestine, peristalsis and reduce the absorption of water and electrolytes, and promote the increase of fecal water, thereby reflexively causing defecation.

long-term use of senna leaves on health hazards

1. As mentioned earlier, long-term use of senna to lose weight, the weight is lost, but the body is also hurt. There are many clinical cases of adverse reactions caused by the long-term use of senna. According to clinical findings, senna has the following reports of adverse reactions.

2. Senna can cause allergic reactions, showing various toxic reactions such as blood pressure, abnormal symptoms of the upper gastrointestinal tract toxic symptoms of the nervous system are also more obvious, and other adverse reactions such as pelvic organ bleeding, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, and other symptoms.

All in all, senna leaf extract can help us lose weight, but with a reasonable intake, proper exercise, and a healthy diet, we hope we all can have a healthy and beautiful body. If you want to know more welcome to contact us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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